Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pecans and Mosquitoes

Hey everyone! Today we picked up pecans beneath the mosquito infested trees!! I bet I have a million bites! All the rain we've had has caused them to be numerous and ferocious. lol... We collected a couple buckets full and will have plenty of pecans for pecan pies and other delicious food on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I absolutely love spending time with my family! Our Thanksgiving is actually a family reunion so there are lots and lots of people who come!
Hasn't God blessed us with the most beautiful weather? It has been wonderful outside! Hopefully it will last until Thanksgiving! Well...the piano is calling me...I have my first recital in Dec....yes you heard very first piano recital. I am just NOW learning to play! lol


New Blog

Hey everyone! Kat made a new blog, Beautiful Elegant Designs! On it she will be posting how to dress modestly but fashionable at the same time. Go check it out! She just started it so you will have to bare with her. Not to mention that it is probably better that she is doing it and not me because I am not that fashionable and I would run out of ideas rather quickly! :D
In Christ,
P.S. She will be posting on here too!! If she doesn't... :D