Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm Thankful for...

I'm thankful for the country I live in! What I am most thankful about the U.S.A. is that I can worship freely in it! I am thankful that I don't have to worry about where I keep my Bible. I am thankful that I can openly speak about Jesus and the Gospel. I am thankful that I won't be taken to prison because I chose to follow Jesus. It makes me sad to think that my brothers and sisters in Christ can't worship as freely as I can. We need to thank God for letting us live in a safe country, but also remember to pray for them! One of the main things I have heard them say is "When we are weak, He is strong." They also ask us to pray for them; not for their release (though they would like to be free) but that they would be strong and and not give in!
Praise the Lord for the freedom He as so richly blessed me with!
In Christ,

4 Days Left

Today my best friend is coming to help me baby sit my siblings.I am so thankful that I met her!She is the most wonderful friend I could ever ask for. We always have the best times together. Yes, you could say we are a bit wild and goofy but we enjoy being this way and having a good time. Of course we know when to be quiet and pay attention to things but when were together we just love to laugh. I think laughing is one of the most wonderful things in life as well! I never feel awkward and there definately is never a quiet moment when were together! We love each other and are just as close as sisters!

5 Days Left

This morning as I awakened I realize how thankful I am for sleep/rest! lol..... Ok that's not really what I was going to write about! ha!ha!........ I am thankful for my siblings. Yes, we do fight and argue like any brothers and sisters but we really do love each other. We love to tease each other but of course we can behave as well. ha! They are so much fun even if some are younger than me. But even the younger ones have a humor of there own! Yes, I would say they are my best friends!