Sunday, September 20, 2009

I GET TO KEEP A PUPPY!!!!!!! I have named mine Winchester! He is so cute! Believe it or not we are keeping four puppies!! Also today I went with my best friend to I guess a family get together. We went swimming!! Oh yeah Mac should be home soon!!!

Well I just realized its been a week since our neighbor went missing! It's still so sad and depressing!! We're still praying and I ask that you please continue as well!!

Yesterday we went to a playday(a speed competition barrels, poles, stakes) and my best friend and her horse came home with me! Also she won her age group for the whole playday series which means she won the belt buckle!! It's so awesome!! We are sunburned as well and the only sunny spot in town just happened to be right over the arena!! When we arrived home at my house we found a box of puppies someone has dumped on us! THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!!

~ Kat