Monday, February 22, 2010

That's not all folks!

Sorry everyone for my long absence! I really have no excuse other than the fact I've been keeping very busy! As you read from Mac's post my mom is sick with the shingles and at this point has partial paralysis on her face. The paralysis should go away with the shingles but since she isn't able to close her eye very well it could result in blindness(only in the one eye). For a bit of humor.... we tease that she has one eye on us at all times! lol!! Please keep her and us in your prayers! She goes for an eye exam tomorrow so hopefully all will be well!!! AGAIN PLEASE PRAY FOR HER!!


Prayer Request

I just found out that my Gran bob (my daddy's dad) had surgery today. Something was wrong in his back so they removed a vertebra and put something in (I don't know that much about it as you can see! =D). Please pray for a fast recovery for him. Also, please pray for Kat's mom! She has the shingles right now! She went to the doctor again today and he said that her face would be breaking out with blisters real soon. She can't close one of her eyes because of the shingles and has to go see the eye doctor about how to help it, since there is a chance of blindness in that eye because it can't shut.
Please pray for both of them!
The King reigns and His Son,

Create in Me a Clean Heart

Create in me a clean heart
Oh God and renew a right spirit within me (2x)

Cast me not away from thy presence, O Lord
And take not thy holy spirit from me
Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation
And renew a right spirit within me

That is one of my favorite songs. Today it was really comforting to me since I was struggling with being joyful! I love it when I am in a difficult moment in life or even a awesome moment in life and a song comes into my head and makes the moment so much better! Does that ever happen to you or am I the only one? LOL
The King reigns and His Son,
Yes we are living! :) Sorry we haven't posted sooner! We have been struggling with what to post on! I have ideas but it is difficult finding the time. I have decided that this Joy challenge is more difficult than I had originally anticipated! I will post about my trials of this month at the end! I hope ya'll are having an awesome February! Don't worry I will be posting again soon!
The King reigns and His Son,