Thursday, November 5, 2009


I've been thinking lately about what it means to love. Not love as in romance but love for one another. There are many ways we can "show" love but do we actually mean it in our hearts. When we say I love you do we say it to hopefully receive something in return or do we really mean it with all our heart? It's always easy to remember to say I love you when someone buys us something, but do we ever say it for no reason but to show that person we love them and truly appreciate them? I know this is something I need to work on. It seems I'm always too busy to stop.. slow down... and say ,"Mom thank you for all that you do for me." or "I really do love you ___.." We really desperately need to sincerely show one another we love them because wouldn't it be horrible to wake up one morning and find out that person has passed away!!!! I encourage you to join me in showing your family, friends, and the world that we love them!!


Fun yet Tiring Day

This morning when I woke up (because of my alarm clock) I read my bible, ate breakfast, then it was off to my first tennis lesson! I had played tennis before with my siblings and daddy but I hadn't ever taken lessons. I was a little nervous at first but after awhile I adjusted! It was really fun!!!! We had a contest the team who could hit the ball over the net 10 times the quickest won and the looser had to run a lap around all three courts. The teams were backhand swing team and forward hand swing team. I was put on the backhand swing team. My team lost. :( So I got to run around the whole court, luckily I like running. Besides having to run around the whole court I can't wait for next week! After lunch we couldn't help ourselves and had to go to the park and play tennis. It's surprising what a couple of tips will do. I did much better than I had ever done!
After getting home I was informed that one of my brothers and I would be doing supper. We had the argument "What to cook!" Finally, after a couple of ideas, my little sister (the only sister I have) volunteered to cook grilled cheeses. I didn't really want to cook so after a little persuasion from my mother to make up my mind, I said "Okay." So all in all it has been a fun yet tiring day.
In Christ,