Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fun yet Tiring Day

This morning when I woke up (because of my alarm clock) I read my bible, ate breakfast, then it was off to my first tennis lesson! I had played tennis before with my siblings and daddy but I hadn't ever taken lessons. I was a little nervous at first but after awhile I adjusted! It was really fun!!!! We had a contest the team who could hit the ball over the net 10 times the quickest won and the looser had to run a lap around all three courts. The teams were backhand swing team and forward hand swing team. I was put on the backhand swing team. My team lost. :( So I got to run around the whole court, luckily I like running. Besides having to run around the whole court I can't wait for next week! After lunch we couldn't help ourselves and had to go to the park and play tennis. It's surprising what a couple of tips will do. I did much better than I had ever done!
After getting home I was informed that one of my brothers and I would be doing supper. We had the argument "What to cook!" Finally, after a couple of ideas, my little sister (the only sister I have) volunteered to cook grilled cheeses. I didn't really want to cook so after a little persuasion from my mother to make up my mind, I said "Okay." So all in all it has been a fun yet tiring day.
In Christ,

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