Sunday, July 26, 2009

2009 Rodeo

Last night I was able to attend the rodeo for the second time only this time I watched instead of working in the concession. I forgot my camera but fortunately my grandpa brought his iphone. The pictures turned out surprisingly well for a phone camera!! As I watch the contestants and those in the rodeo arena I am reminded of the awesome ability God has given us to be able to bond with a magnificent animal ... the horse!! Those who are not accustomed to being around them may not realize the time and effort required in training a horse to be bomb proof. To me it's one of the most awesome feelings sitting up there on a horses back and working together to complete your task. Some say dog is man's best friend. For me it's my horse! Together we perfect our riding and we perform together. My favorite time of the day aside from spending time with my family and strengthening my relationship with God is being with my horse! All your cares and worries vanish while astride your friend and companion as your work as a team. The bond grows stronger with each moment spent together. I've had a hard time with my horse since I bought him around 4 years ago. He was extremely mean. In this past year I have finally been able to reach and bond with him. We've come a LONG way! Partly because I am older and have a better understanding of how he thinks.I love being with him now and actually enjoy riding him.

More post about how to defend your faith will arrive momentarily! lol


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