Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello All!!

Wow! Sorry I haven't blogged lately!! It has been unbelievably crazy here at my house! In the past couple weeks we have celebrated three birthdays (one including me..yay!),gone to the circus and I volunteered at a conference last weekend not to mention 4-h activities which were held last week. Family has also been in town for almost all of July and now August! We've had an awesome time! Though it may be a little hectic I love my cousins and cherish the time we all spend together! In July my older cousin and I entertained the younger kids by creating our own VBS! It was awesome! They thouroughly enjoyed it and I think we had just as much fun singing the songs and doing the movements!
My cousin and I were determined to have at least one picture of ourselves that we like so two evenings were spent in our own photoshoot. And believe it or not we succeded in taking more than one that we LOVED!!
We spent two days cleaning out the barn that had become a wreck( no thanks to me)lol...Tonight we will head out around midnight or so to watch shooting stars. We'll all lay out on the flatbed trailer with mosquito net covering us so we don't get eaten alive!!It's so amazing to be right underneath the sky gazing at God's creation. Oh Mac has posted a link for sure to check it out!!


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