Saturday, August 15, 2009

Star Watching

We all had an awesome time watching shooting stars the other night! It's so beautiful gazing up at the clear sky and listening to the locusts talking to each other in the trees. It's very peaceful....(until a star is spotted and we all jump up shouting)lol..It never fails when someone yells out "Oh I saw one!" I'm dozing off or looking in the other direction! I did see many though! We had tons of snacks to help keep us wide awake and believe it or not we were all freezing by the time we heading back to the house.
The first night we laid on our front porch instead of on the trailer. As we were settling down my cousin shot up from her spot yelling," OH...WHAT WAS THAT? EVERYONE GET IN THE HOUSE NOW!!!" At that same time my grandma rounded the corner of the house carrying and chair and growling! Everyone realized that it was grandma except for my cousin who was frustrated because we weren't coming!! We finally calmed my cousin down and laughed the whole time we were watching stars!
It's so much fun spending time with family and making memories. I have a video about creation I will be posting very soon!!


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