Thursday, October 15, 2009

Controlling the Tongue.... How hard can it be?

Good morning all! Sorry it's been a while since I have posted anything!! I've been busy! The weather has been horrible!! SO MUCH RAIN!! Also Saturday brought a new puppy!! It's the whole families! We decided it was better to purchase one that didn't just arrive. We now where this one came from and that he has had his vaccinations. He is a German Shepherd and SO ADORABLE! We named him Conig which means king in German.

These past few days I have also been thinking a great deal about our sermon on Sunday. The scripture was from James chapter 3 which talks about controlling the tongue. It's amazing when reading the chapter to realize that man can control animals and train them to do outstanding stunts as well as control numerous other things, but the one thing he cannot control is his own tongue. It's such a small organ in the body but it is impossible to control 24/7. The only way it can be controlled is with the help of God. How often do we quickly snap at someone for annoying us? I know that with having little siblings I find myself doing that exact thing all the time. I have thought about this so much since Sunday and I just found myself snapping at my brother. It's really disheartening to think how much we yell at one another without even realizing it, but I know if we really try and ask the Lord to help us we will be able to control our tongues but only by His help! We need to always stop and think before answering.I am willing to try EXTREMELY hard this week and the rest of my life to ask for His help in controlling my tongue! Will you?


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