Friday, October 9, 2009

COUNTY FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HORSE SHOW!!!!!!


Hey everyone!! Wednesday was the long awaited county fair horse show!! Since we have had soooo much rain the show had to be moved into an indoor arena instead of it being at the fairgrounds. This year there was an open show as well as the 4-H and FFA show. I entered in both. When you registered you had to state(if you won) in which show you would like to receive the belt buckle. I picked the open show. Hot Shot was soooo calm and did an awesome job! The Lord blessed me by allowing the day to go smooth(since entering in both show required memorizing two patterns for each event!!) and letting me win THE BELT BUCKLE!! but better than that he allowed me to win both shows!!! I was so excited!!! It's so beautiful!! The patterns were difficult this year but as I said with the Lord's help I was able to remain calm and memorize them with ease!! THANK YOU LORD!!!


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