Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm a ....... robot??

Hey everyone! I have been thinking lately about our lesson in Sunday school last week. It was about Timothy and Peter as well as seeking the truth. Timothy and Peter were compared and when we read the scriptures we realized there was a great difference between the two. Timothy would ask questions whenever he didn't understand something. Peter on the other hand was very quick to act(like when he cut of the soldiers ear). Peter didn't seem to stop and think before replying and taking action. When questioned about being a follower of Jesus he quickly answered and readily denied his faith. Once again he was quick to act and later regreted it. When Timothy didn't understand he would question until he understood. We need to be more like Timothy. We need to quit taking everything we hear for truth. Unless it's reading the scripture. How often do we just believe everything we hear and never question.We seem to be robots (yes master... whatever you say...I hear and obey).Like when listening to the news, reading the newspaper, or even when we're just talking to someone. It seems this happens all the time. We need to stand up and say...hey..I'm not sure that's true...or that doesn't sound right..I need to check up on that.

I would like to recomend two OUTSTANDING BOOKS that I have found!! They have helped me understand more about how to stop, think, then reply. Here they are...



Both are exceedingly helpful and extremely easy to understand! They have really helped me learn to know when to question something they have problems with real life examples!! I encourage everyone to read these books!


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