Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fun Decorations!

On Saturday my mother was looking at a website that showed how to make 3D snow
flakes, so we decided to make some for our house! They look awesome and extremely
complicated! The cool thing about them is they aren't hard to make at all!
This is a picture of the first one I made!

After I made this one I got out some foil wrapping paper that my daddy and
I had bought earlier in the day at Hobby Lobby and made this one!
We have a lots of snow flakes around the house now! Our family loves decorating! Especially at this time of year!
Here is a picture of our stockings

My daddy made this ornament a couple of years ago!
I would post a picture of the ornament I made last year but I can't find the
ornament so I can't take a picture of it.
The King reigns and His Son!

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