Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Christmas Catastrophes Finale

I was planning on writing each of these in its own post but since it is already February, I thought you might like us to move on! =D I will give you a brief overview, though, of what did occur! Sorry this took so long!
1. Here is your Science lesson for the day!
New Year's Day was my daddy's birthday, so my Omie Eva (my daddy's mother) made him a chocolate birthday cake with powdered sugar on top! We put candles in the form of how old he was turning and then lit them. As my daddy proceeded to blow out the candles, the powder sugar blew upwards and caught fire! We were not expecting that! My daddy's eyelashes were singed, his eyebrows were singed, and the tips of his hair were singed! We now know that powdered sugar is flammable! =D 2. I was working on Cd's that I was going to give my mother for Christmas and itunes erased them all!
3. We were straining out seeds of some berries that were going to become punch and they went everywhere, on the counters, on the floor, and all over my mother! (We had church at our house that night!)
4. I was traveling with my cousins to our grandparents' house and a tire bouncing down the interstate hit their car. This was my first, and hopefully last, wreck to ever be in! This was my cousins second wreck in 2009, so please pray that they will be able to get the parts they need for their van cheaply.
5. And last but not least, I was at my other grandparents' house watching a movie with my siblings and Kat and her siblings when the chimney box fell in! We had noticed it earlier in day that it was cracking but didn't think it would collapse!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year!
In Christ,

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  1. Sounds like your life has plenty of things happening to keep it from becoming boring!


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