Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Safely Home

Hey everyone,

I thought I would recommend an excellent book called, 'Safely Home'. It is written by Randy Alcorn and I absolutely loved it! Here is the intriguing excerpt from the back cover:

"Is this the day I die?"
Quan stiffened at the shout
behind him.The voice rang with
the authority of the Gong An Ju,
the Public Security Bureau. "You
meet in the night like the criminals
you are. How dare you defy the
law? In three minutes," Scarbrow
said matter-of-factly, " we will
shoot every man and woman-and
child-who does not declare
himself loyal to the people rather
than the gweilos, foreign devils."

"Surely this is the day."

American Business executive
Ben Fielding has no idea what his
brilliant old college roommate is
facing in China. But when they're
reunited in China after twenty
years, the men are shocked at what
they discover about each other.

Thrown together in an hour of
encroaching darkness, watched
by unseen eyes, both must make
choices that will determine not only
the destinies of the two men, but two
families,two nations...
and two worlds.

This was a very eye opening novel and I encourage everyone to read it! If you have read it I would love to hear your opinion.

God Bless!

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