Monday, September 28, 2009


Here is my latest story. It may sound familiar to some of you(especially heather).

Coat of Many Colors

Thinking back through the years, I allowed my mind to wander to a time when I was a young girl living in the great Smokey Mountains. We were poor like everyone around us, but one thing we had was love. I remember a time when winter arrived and I didn’t have a coat to wear. Mamma had a box of old rags that someone had given us so she decided to piece together a coat for me. Each rag was a different color but as long as it kept me warm that was all that mattered. Love flowed from her hands as she carefully sewed each piece together. As she sewed I would quietly sit by her while she told me of a story from the Bible. It also was about a coat of many colors worn by Joseph just like mine. When she finished I was thrilled to wear my new coat which was blessed with a kiss from mamma. My coat of many colors was made from only rags but oh how I wore it so proudly. Although we had no money back then, well….I was as rich as I could ever be while wearing my warm coat of many colors my precious mamma had made for me. With patches on my britches and holes in both of my shoes I hurried of to school to show everyone my brand new coat. Wouldn’t they be surprised. Upon arriving I was devasted to find the others laughing at my beautiful coat. Well I just couldn’t understand for I felt unbelievably rich. I decided to tell them of the love my momma had sewn in every stitch and the story she had gently told me. They didn’t understand as I tried to make them see that one is only poor only if they choose to be. I knew we had no money even though I was small but while wearing my brand new coat of many colors, I was as rich as I could be.
~Written by Kat .... This story outline is from Dolly Parton's song Coat of Many Colors....I took it and rewrote into a story.


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