Monday, November 30, 2009

Just a little update on me!

I'm sick! Okay I have a little cold, nothing extreme! I am thankful it came after thanksgiving not on thanksgiving or before! I would have been so sad if I had been sick on thanksgiving!
Besides being sick, I am visiting my grandparents and cousins for a week and a half! I LOVE visiting them, we have so much fun! It's really nice to relax and not have to set an alarm clock! =D Other than what I mentioned above nothing is really going on! Oh! One more thing! Kat is going to have a piano recital at a retirement center on Saturday and I get to go, but I will let her tell you about it! Heehee! Maybe she will post pictures of where she did it! Please pray that she won't be nervous! Kat has to go on stage without her music and I know from previous experience that if you mess up it is really humiliating!
In Christ,

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