Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why God?

This is a really common question. Why does God let suffering and death happen if He is a loving and caring God?
If you'll look back in Genesis 1, God created a perfect world which means that there wasn't any death or suffering. When Adam and Eve took the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil and ate it, they brought destruction on the whole world. (Genesis 3). Because they sinned and because we continue sinning, there is death and suffering. It isn't God's fault! If it wasn't for God sending us his only Son whom he loved so much, we would all be destined to living in Hell for eternity! God didn't have to send us his Son, but He did. He loved us that much!He uses a description of marriage as a way to show us how much He loves us. He loves us like a man does his wife. I am not married but I can see the love my parents have for each other and through them can catch a small glimpse of how much He loves me! I can't imagine being God and sending my only child to die for everyone's sins! I for one don't know if I could send my brother to die for everyone on this planet. I am so thankful that He sent his Son because I don't want to live forever in a fire pit with weeping and gnashing of teeth. If He loves us that much then why is it so hard for us to devote at least 5, 10,30 minutes to Him? I encourage you to spend more time reading His word that He has given us, praying, and singing praise to him!
In Christ, to whom I am forever indebted,
~ Mac

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