Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So far I have only recommended books to read but this is a movie worth watching! The title of the movie is "Food Inc." If you haven't watched I would highly recommend it. The only bad part about this movie is that it will make you never want to eat again! I am not kidding! I knew there was bad stuff in our food but I didn't know it was this bad! Our animals aren't getting to live how they are suppose to live. God placed the animals in mans care and we treat them like they are weeds in a garden!
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  1. That was a very interesting movie and it was enlightening as well, particularly in the area of the evil corporation, "Monsatano."
    Several other documentaries, including "Bad Seed" also show how Monsanto is trying to, well, take over the world. Money equates to power, but the most powerful people are those who control the food and water supply, since not only can they can get lots of money, everyone will have to come to them for two of life's necessities: food and water.


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