Thursday, September 17, 2009


How long had it been? Staring intently out her rain glistened window,
she allowed herself to travel back in time. Gently her eyes shut as she
drifted through memories and events which had taken place during her
seventy-three years of life. It seemed only yesterday that she vainly and
unreasonably ventured away from the mountain in search of what she then
thought “a better way of life.” How foolishly she had flounced off to New
York seeking fame and fortune the leaders of all sin. Pride is an evil thing.
How well she knew that now. Without even a goodbye to her parents and
friends she left them all and everything she had ever known behind. I’ll
never look back she had so earnestly thought. Only after seven unmerciful
years of begging for work from cold and sneering business owners and
breathing the smothering city air was she ready to admit her absurdity and
ludicrousness. In those seven years she had traveled a bit as well but was
unsuccessful in finding work and never could seem to find somewhere
to call home. Home…there never was a more comforting word. The last
letter she received from her family lay unanswered even though it arrived a
week after her departure. Now she desperately longed and desired to
reply…but would there be anyone to answer? Would they even want to see
her? Her heart now longed to see her momma’s sweet face and the strong
figure of her father. It was settled then. She would go back. When the bus
arrived at the small general store back on the mountain she frantically ran
home. The two story house her great-grandfather had built with his own two
hands looked the same as when she had left ,only it had a sort of sadness
now. Painfully she wrapped on the door. A figure much feebler than she
remembered appeared and opened the door. It was her momma. Weeping she
fell into her mother’s arms. Her mother softly caressed her as tears
fell from her own soft round face onto her daughters smooth auburn hair. So
much was said in this long embrace. She later found that her father had
passed away shortly after she left. They stayed up late talking together and
she sincerely and constantly apologized to her beloved momma. All was
forgiven though precious time that could have been spent together was
wasted by her foolishness. Her heart ached for the lost time but hopefully
things would be different for she was home to stay.
Arousing herself from her memories she noticed it had stopped raining.
She walked out into her garden and smelled the fresh clean mountain air the
rain leaves after a fall storm. Still thinking of her pastime she slowly
meandered down the mountain path. As the leaves swirled softly and
enchantingly about her in the gentle breeze she gazed off through the
silhouettes of the great pines onto the meadow below blooming full of
mountain laurel that glistened in the newly fallen rain and with the
comforting majestic mountains that gave her strength beyond she realized
that ..she was home…this was home ….she had finally found home.

~Written by Kat!!!

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